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For timeless, classic photos that look effortless, there are two steps.

STEP 1: Texture! You should have texture in at least one outfit! Women and girls can add texture by: lace (white or cream lace looks amazing!), crochet material, chunky sweater material, tulle material, net material, a shaggy faux animal fur vest for girls, or anything else you can think of to add some texture. Notice how the use of texture in the examples below really make the photos stand out!

STEP 2: To coordinate colors in your outfits, use this little trick: Choose 3 neutral colors (one of them being CREAM or WHITE!) and ONLY wear shades of those 3 colors. If you are a pro at this, you can even try only 2 neutral colors (like the photo above). I consider neutral colors to be: white, cream, gray, brown/ tan, black, and blue. So choose 3 of those. WANT TO ADD A POP OF COLOR? Do step 1 and step 2, then have only one person wear a bit of color.

Tip: Stick with mostly solid colors and only have 1 person maximum (if any) wearing a patterned shirt (stripes or a checkered shirt). Stay away from flower shirts or other patterned shirts. Too many patterns in outfits just look "busy" and confusing all together. Stay away from huge logos or big words on your shirt, which are distracting.

Tip: Dress in layers! YES!

Tip: Men should wear a long-sleeve shirt with a collar (and can roll up the sleeves in warm weather), tucked out for a more casual look, or tucked in with a belt. See many examples below of this. Men should not wear just a t-shirt (makes guys look frumpy, and shows every little pudge). Men need a thicker shirt with a fold-over collar, even a short-sleeve polo will work. A button-down shirt looks the best, or even dress in layers (like the guy above).

Tip: Don't be matchy-matchy. If Dad is wearing khaki pants, Mommy should NOT be wearing khaki pants. 

Tip: Men, your socks will show! Wear your best dress socks. Avoid white socks. 

Tip: No more than 2 people in a family should wear jeans, if any at all (but if you must wear jeans, choose a dark shade of blue jean). Please stay away from all jeans in a family.

Tip: Be careful of orange and red! Wearing these colors (or even sitting on an all-orange / all-red blanket) will reflect the orange / red back onto your face and will give your skin tone a strange look. I would just avoid wearing orange and red shirts altogether. 

Tip: If you have more than 4 people in your family, have one person wear stripes. 

Tip: If you have a toddler boy, suspenders are always cute. I have some, so just ask.

Tip: When in doubt of colors to wear --if you have no idea what to do--  choose shades of blues (light blues and dark blues only), browns/tans/khaki, and cream. For indoor photos, everyone wearing cream looks amazing. See examples below. 

Tip: Don't forget to incorporate a little texture in one outfit, like I mentioned above.



-keep your outfits mostly neutral for Christmas photos and you can easily find an online holiday card style to go with your photo

-keep the pop of color to a minimum of one person (red looks great for Christmas)

-notice below: 3 shades of neutral colors plus the *one person* pop of red for color





Wear texture! Notice the cream lace for amazing texture. And get that ring cleaned and your nails done!

Below: Notice the tulle skirt and the fuzzy sweater for amazing texture

Below: staying within 2 neutral colors, and notice the lace for texture...

Below: Notice the neutral colors and the sweater material for texture

Below: Notice the neutral colors and his sweater for texture

Below: Notice they are staying within 3 neutral colors: gray, cream, navy

Bring a lovely bouquet of flowers, since I love to get "details" photos

Or just bring a rose

Below: Staying within 2 neutral colors plus added lace for texture

Below: Got a dog? I love animals and encourage you to bring yours!




Below: Staying with my rule of 3 neutral colors: cream, khaki, blue. Notice the lace for texture!

Below: Notice the 3 neutral colors: white, black, khaki. Mostly solid colors with one person wearing stripes.

Below: Wear a lot of white for a lovely, classic look. Lace for texture.

Notice (below) the use of lace AND tulle in her dress for texture. Also notice the toddler's suspenders.

Below: Wearing 3 neutral colors: creams, browns, grays. Notice the bow ties!

Below: Bring something from home!

This family (below) is following my rule of no more than 2 people wearing jeans. Notice the use of lace and tulle in the dress!

Notice they are staying within 3 neutral colors: black, white, and blue.

You can buy a tulle gown like the one below, here:

You can't go wrong with all cream and white for an indoor session! I have bed backdrops if you don't like your headboard!

Shades of cream and gray (below) and notice the tulle dress for texture!

Staying within 2 neutral colors: creams and gray shorts (below). Notice the texture in her dress.

Staying within 2 neutral colors: white and shades of gray (below). 



Notice the great use of lace for texture (above and below).

Notice the great use of lace for texture (below). Hubby should always be dressed very neutral to make YOU stand out!

Below: For an ultra classy look, women should wear a SIMPLE satin or lace, long elegant dress and hubby should wear a neutral-colored suit with tie.

Let me know in advance if your hubby plans to wear a suit and we can do a field shot like this one below.

You can find these flower crowns on Etsy! 

Notice the lace dress for texture (below) and all the cream for an indoor shoot.

Click here to buy the white lace maternity dress in the photo below: 

You can find flower crowns on Etsy!

Notice the lacy maternity dress for texture and very neutral-colored hubby (below) with a long-sleeve shirt with collar. 


Notice her hat (below) and lace around the collar for texture. Notice hubby is very neutral-colored.


Click here to buy the lace dress in the photo below:


Click here to buy the lace dress in the photo below:


Click here to buy the lace dress in the photo below:

Click here to buy the lace dress in the photo below:


Click here to buy the dress in the photo below:


Notice the use of texture in her shirt (below). They are staying within 3 neutral colors: blue, cream, tan.

Notice (below) the use of texture in the sweater.

A lovely, textured cream dress (below) with a wooden toy. So simple! 

Below: Shades of black, gray, and blue with a touch of texture in her lace blouse!

Notice hubby is very neutral-colored.





Very neutral colors really make the baby's features stand out. Notice all of the white! Beautiful!

Wearing mostly creams and whites really looks great in indoor newborn sessions!

A lot of new mommies wear cream blouses with sleeves.

Below: All creams for an indoor family newborn session looks amazing and really makes the family stand out!

Below: Creams, whites, and shades of blue. Notice there are no flashy patterns on outfits to distract from the baby!

Click here to buy this tulle "new mama" dress, pictured below:



So you want to add a pop of color?

Tips for adding a bright color


Stick with my rule of only 3 neutral colors and add only 1 "pop" color. Easy peasy!

"Pop" colors are red, purple, magenta, orange, bright yellow, turquoise, etc.

But only have 1 or 2 people maximum in your family wearing the pop of color or it will be too much.



My overall message to you -- honestly don't stress too much over what to wear. Bring what you love and lots of variety, and I can help you choose before we start. Wear clothes that are comfortable and that suit your personality, and have fun! If you love what you're wearing, you're going to feel great and love the end results that much more!

[ If you really can't decide what to bring, contact me and we can decide together! ]