Please note: Your toddler might be cranky on the day of your photoshoot! I'll do what I can to get him/her to smile. I use animals and squeakers on my lenses, but I suggest to bring his/her favorite toy or something noisy to get his/her attention. Feel free to bring an adult "helper" with you, especially if you have toddlers. Giving your toddler a late nap that day and dinner before your photoshoot usually helps as well.






The best time for outdoor photography is in the late afternoon / evening for the most beautiful lighting. I suggest you bring 2-3 outfits, but that's completely optional. You might have to change in your car, so keep that in mind. Please don't wear a white shirt! White shirts tend to wash out your face with the lenses I use, so stay away from solid white and light pastel colors (light yellow and light pink). The best colors to wear are solids, especially turquoise, red, orange, deep purple, and magenta. I bring lots of photo props (for children, families, and engagements). Feel free to bring your own photo props and I'll try to use them. Got a Pinterest idea? We can definitely try it! If you have young children, I suggest you bring them a snack, some water to drink, mosquito repellent (just in case) and possibly a couple of their favorite toys. For family sessions with young children, feel free to bring a colorful quilt and a book for some cute shots of you being a family! My turnaround time for your images is approximately 5 to 7 days. You will receive a password at that time to view your private gallery and can download ALL of your photos in high-resolution quality immediately that same day.



Some clients choose their home for the newborn photoshoot, but I'd recommend to have your pictures done at my studio, where I have better control of the lighting. The best time to photograph a newborn is when she is 4 days to 10 days old (still very sleepy but not red and swollen from the birth). Newborns older than 10 days old are better photographed at my studio. Photos taken at my studio will go faster, since my equipment is already set up and ready to go. Expect a little extra time when photographing a newborn to allow for diaper changes, feedings, and general soothing. Your baby will cry while we change her clothes and put her in different positions, and this is totally normal, so it will take a little time to soothe the baby to sleep. I bring lots of photo props to use, but I will use anything you have (letter blocks, anything with the baby's name, a special blanket, etc). I will choose the most well lit room of your house to set up my little portable newborn studio, which doesn't require a lot of space. If your house is very dark, I may have to set up my newborn studio outside. Most of the shots will be of the baby in nothing but a diaper, wrapped in some of the wraps/blankets I bring. If you have a nursery, I'll get some shots of it. And if your newborn has siblings, I will take pictures of them as well with the baby. Please bring your baby some extra diapers and a pacifier. To prep your newborn a few days before the photoshoot, I suggest to start letting her fall asleep on your chest to get her used to being asleep on her tummy. It really helps! Also, don't let the baby fall asleep for 1.5 hours before the photoshoot. That way, she will be super sleepy and everything will go smoothly. 



At this time, I DO NOT photograph indoor weddings (but I do photograph indoor receptions). Once you have set a date for your wedding, you can book me up to 6 months in advance. I primarily photograph weddings in Houston, Waco, Conroe, and Galveston Island, but I am usually willing to travel for a small fee, so just ask. You get 6 consecutive hours of wedding photography with a free CD of all the images. I will need to meet with you before you pay for your wedding photography. There will be a wedding photography contract for you to sign before the wedding, which is there to protect both you and me. I occasionally bring a second photographer with me to shoot candid shots of the guests and for a different perspective of the "biggie" shots, and this is included in the price. I start at the location of the bride getting ready, taking some artsy shots of the wedding dress on its hanger and the bride's shoes. I take some shots of the bridal party getting ready for the wedding. I take photos before the ceremony, during the ceremony, after the ceremony, and during the reception. I'll get artsy shots of the wedding cake, food, decorations, presents, etc. Please schedule some time after the ceremony (but before the reception) for me to take shots of the bride and groom alone, because otherwise, there is not a good opportunity to do so and you will want those "alone" shots. The best time to photograph an outdoor wedding is in the late afternoon to early evening, so keep that in mind when planning your wedding. My turnaround time for your images for a wedding is 3 weeks. $250 per hour for more than 6 hours of coverage.



Maternity sessions are actually my favorite to shoot. If you know the gender of the baby, let me know in advance so I can bring some photo props (blocks, booties, etc). I recommend expecting mothers to wear a very bright, colorful shirt or long colorful dress while your spouse wears something with neutral colors (navy blue, black, or gray). Something colorful will really make your belly stand out in the photos (and while doing your newborn photoshoot in the near future, I can wrap the baby in the colorful shirt you were wearing for an artsy shot of the baby). I'll be taking some shots of your hands on your belly, so a lot of my maternity clients like to get their nails done for the photoshoot. If you have a sonogram of the baby, bring it with you! My turnaround time for maternity sessions is generally 5 to 7 days. You will receive a password at that time to view all your images in a private gallery and can download all of your photos immediately from there in high-resolution quality that same day.


MINI SESSIONS [offered twice per year]

I only offer mini sessions several times per year at a location of my choice (usually Summerwood, which is off the northeast corner of Beltway 8). Mini sessions typically last 20 minutes. Families are scheduled back to back, so once your 20 minutes is up, I have to move on to the next family. So please don't be late! There will not be enough time for an outfit change, however I do bring photo props we can use. Mini sessions are for small families (or children) only. We'll start at one location of the park, take pictures, walk around a bit, and take more pictures. My turnaround time for your images is approximately 5 to 7 days. You will receive a password at that time to view your images in a private gallery and can download all immediately from there in high-resolution quality that same day. Most mini sessions do not come with a free CD.